Reserving A Puppy
A reservation is required as puppies are often spoken for well in advance of their availability date. For these reasons, Cherokee Farm Kennels suggests customers plan ahead. An up-to-date breeding list of all matings for the current year is available on the Our Girls page. Please call us for availability. Cherokee Farm Kennels typically have 3-4 litters per year.

Pet puppies are priced at $850 - $1600 depending on breeding.

A 25% deposit is required to place a puppy on hold for a perspective owner. After you've placed a deposit we will e-mail you a confirmation letter indicating that the puppy of your choice is being held for you. If the puppy is too young to leave we will provide photos and email updates every week so you can watch your puppy as he or she develops. Deposits are non-refundable unless an unusual circumstance causes the puppy you have reserved to not be available.

Cherokee Farm Kennels will provide ground transportation from our home to yours whenever possible. Please contact us for a quote.

Special shipping requests do cost extra, if required. Whenever possible we prefer owners pick up their puppies in person. We will NOT fly during very hot or very cold months. If shipped, puppies are flown counter-to-counter from St. Louis. We prefer to ship the puppies on the shortest non-stop flights if possible. Shipping costs average $300 (rates subject to change by airlines). Crates required for shipping cost $50. A veterinary health certificate, required for shipping, is $25. Total shipping costs ~$375. Instead of shipping your new puppy, consider actually meeting us at an airport and riding back with your new puppy under your seat. This is a much better way to insure your puppy is safe.

Of course new puppy owners are encouraged to pick their puppy up at our home in Southern IL. We love to show people our dogs and talk about Cavaliers!

Payment can be made via a check or paypal (please add 3% fee). The balance is due when the puppy is picked up, in cash. For puppies being shipped, checks must clear at least 24 hours prior to the departure date.

Medical Care
Each puppy receives at least two rounds of parvo/distemper vaccinations. Deworming is administered beginning at 2 weeks of age and is given every two weeks through the tenth week of age. Each puppy is microchipped and examined closely by our veterinarian before joining their new home. Finally, no puppy leaves our care without a recent negative fecal reading.

When people talk about puppy socialization they are generally referring to the first 16 weeks of a dog's life. This is the window of time in our puppy's lives that determines who they will become as adult dogs.

The temperament, character and behavior habits of your puppy are developed during this socialization period - and will last a lifetime. It affects how your puppy will relate to his family, strangers, animals and the environment in which he lives.

Cherokee Farm Kennels makes a special effort to ensure that puppies are socialized and have positive experiences around children, other pets, and various household sights and sounds that they will need to become accustomed to.

When you purchase a Cavalier from Cherokee Farms they will be happy, friendly, social, and well adjusted. It is important that your continue to socialize your puppy and then continue with obedience training.

Spaying & Neutering
We recommend spaying your female puppy around 7 months of age to avoid the first heat cycle. We recommend the spaying/neutering of all puppies sold as pets for a number of reasons:

  1. 1. If you do not intend to breed spaying or neutering increases the likelyhood of a healthy pet.
  2. 2. There are many behavioral benefits to spaying or neutering your pet that as a pet owner, you will appreciate.
  3. 3. Breeding requires more than just pairing two dogs of the same breed together.
If you are interested in breeding we suggest you start by joining a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club and find a mentor that can help you become responsibly involved in this wonderful breed.

Health Documents
Please Click HERE to visit copies of our health documents online.

Certified Pedigrees
Please Click HERE to visit copies of our AKC certified pedgirees.

Get Started With Your Reservation
These puppies go fast! To reserve your puppy, click HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For faster service, please include a phone number in you message and the best time you can be reached.